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Well, thanks for the fun comments on what I truly feel is the greatest story ever told, or at least ever witnessed by me. To answer Lukie's question... was the poopie Shellached?

Nobody knows, it's one of the mysteries of space and time that, like quantum mechanics, is best left to the experts. Sadly, since the evidence is long gone, I doubt we'll ever know... attempts to contact Chadwick have proved fruitless.

So, my story today is about me. I may have told the story before, but I can't in all honesty recall, and I'm not reading through all those journals to remember. It has to do with my old nickname. Nober

The summer after grade 5, my best buddy went to baseball camp for the summer. the captain of his team was named Barry, and his team was supposed to be (in that infinite wisdom of boys) Barry's Boners. Now, obviously, the counsellors said no dice, and a compromise was arranged, and the team became known as the Nobers.

Now, at the time, I wasn't quite tall, but I was pretty thin and very good posture. The first day back at school, I get clapped on the back as I'm asked the question "So... Nober... how was your summer?"

At the time, I must have looked like a penis to all my friends, because it stuck (on a side note, my friend, Sanderson has a knack for finding nicknames that stick with people for years) until my first year of university...There are still people who call me Nober.

In other news, I met infinity43 last night for lunch, shopping and Hooters for the hockey game (her choice, oddly enough) As I expected, she's much cooler than I, and some of her stories could put mine to shame.

I'm really glad that all these pretty girls (Thundera, psk, infinity43) have met me first out of the RvBTO crew... I set a good impression, I don't turn into an overly flirtatious jackass until after the second meting.. isn't that right, Gee?