Well, this week has been a very boring week. Nothing much of interest going on, although I did have to make a mad dash to finish writing my essay.

Although, one interesting thing did happen with that. Everyone in the class had to grade everyone else's essays. Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this, if it wasn't for the fact the people in my class are very stupid. Don't get me wrong, they are nice everything, but when I see a paper that has numerous grammatical mistakes, is a book report (Which the teacher said do not do under any circumstances), NO CITATION, and using the words "my, mine, I, my opinion, you, and your", I do not, under ANY circumstances, see this paper getting an A. This is the college, Writing 101. I got the above mentioned paper, and out of the 5 grades before mine, 3 were A's, and 2 were B's. I also noticed a bunch of comments like "This is a great paper, good job!". Not one person pointed out any of their mistakes, which to me, is only doing them harm.

So, you get to my comments, in which I pointed out everything the person screwed up on, and things that they could have done to improve their paper, although I hope I did not come out as too big of a bitch. However, I would rather have someone tell me all of the things I did wrong and that it was a horrible paper, and then give me tips on how to improve the paper, than to have someone blow sunshine up my ass on how good the paper was. Maybe I am just cruel, but they will live- especially once the professor gets a hold of them. Then my comments will be considered nice.

Note- I have more than enough mod points to start a contest, so I should be setting one up very soon. I am thinking about having a 50-75 point prize, but I need ideas for what to do for a contest. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. smiley8.gif