Jericho Biancardi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Team JAGR

Weapon: The Vertabreakers. A pair of tonfa-like weapons that can be combined into a small railgun. Because they run parallel to his arms, they are very useful for fast-paced, close-range combat. The railgun's range and power are offset by its need to charge up between shots.

Semblance/Notable Skills: Camouflage. Jericho can use his Aura to blend in with his surroundings, allowing him to catch his opponents off guard and overwhelm them through brute force or stay concealed while sniping.

History: Jericho's childhood was not an easy one. Born to a human mother and a Faunus father, he was subjected to ostracization by humans and also other Faunus due to being a half-breed. His father, a respected member of the White Fang, tried his best to show him that there was a chance for peaceful coexistance between the two races by taking him to the rallies and protests and it was here that young Jericho began to build his confidence. However, the change in the White Fang's leadership and subsequant shift in methods eventually led to Mr. Biancardi leaving and taking the family as far away from the organization as possible. A few years after, he attended a rally with his parents that attracted a crowd of human counter-protesters and tensions began running high. A riot broke out when a series of shots was fired amongst the crowd and in the ensuing chaos, Jericho's mother and father were both killed and Jericho suffered a wound to the face. The physical and emotional scars were just the beginning, however, as word soon got out that it was the White Fang that had instigated the riot. The news shattered Jericho's last thresholds of hope for a better future and in a fit of rage, he tore the tiger ears that had marked him since birth off of his head and renounced his Faunus heritage.

Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Jericho turned his focus to learning to fight and spent the next several years honing his body and talents to their peak. His talents eventually landed him a spot in Beacon Academy, where he was named leader of Team JAGR after initiation.

Personality: The trauma that Jericho experienced in his youth turned him into a cynical and bitter young man. As a result, he prefers to work by himself and distances himself from his teammates, despite being the appointed leader. Underneath his cold exterior is a seething hatred for the White Fang and its sympathizers, as he blames them for the death of his parents.


-Strength: A

-Speed: B

-Stamina: A

-Durability: B

-Intelligence: B

-Aura: B


-Jericho is based on the White Tiger, one of the Four Symbols of Asian mythology. The name Jericho refers to the Biblical city of the same name, which was famous for its walls, as well as professional wrestler Chris Jericho. Biancardi is an Italian name that combines "white" and "hardy". Both names represent his hard and stoic nature.

-A "vertebreaker" is a variant of the piledriver, a professional wrestling move where a wrestler holds their opponent upside-down and drives their head into the floor. A vertebreaker is performed with the opponent situated on the wrestler's back, in the same manner that Jericho keeps his weapons attached to his when not in use. The name comes from the fact that Jericho's fighting style is heavily based on pro-wrestling.