Agnes Voros

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Team JAGR

Weapon: Kravyada. Four sets of Burn Dust-infused charms. Each set is held together by a durable, extending cord and are attached to her braclets and boots. Using her Semblance, Agnes can manipulate the charms and use them as makeshift chakrams or combine them into a whip. She also channels her Semblance through them to use deadly fire-attacks. Her family's wealth helps to mitigate the cost-intensive nature of the weapon, allowing her to use it liberally.

Semblance/Notable Skills: Inferno. Agnes's Semblance centers around the manipulation of fire. This does not mean that she can create fire, thus she uses the Fire Dust from her weapon to ignite a flame first before using it. Her flames can be used as a long-range offensive attack or to box in enemies in a ring of fire. The flames are hot enough that Agnes can achieve temporary flight, making her capable of aerial combat.

History: Born in the arid country of Mora, located in Vacuo, Agnes is the daughter of a wealthy baron. With her father being a founding member of a major arms-manufacturing company, Agnes grew up in luxury and privilege while her countrymen struggled to get by. Of course, it was not always easy; the massive class-divide often resulted in violent civil uprisings from the lower class and while they were always beaten back in the end, the experiences did little to improve her opinion of the common folk. Being the only girl, she had little trouble holding the favor of her parents over her five brothers but despite this, she grew up knowing and accepting the fact that she would likely one day be married off to another wealthy family, a pawn in the game of politics.

Because of the constant civil unrest in Mora, she was trained to fight at an early age and with her Semblance and intelligence, she easily got into Beacon and was paired with Jericho Biancardi during initiation.

Personality: Agnes's upbringing resulted in her having a very traditionalist mindset; she judges and treats people based on their race, gender, and social standing and because of this, she comes off as very close-minded. She holds a particular disdain for Faunus, who she views as below humans, and is completely open about her contempt. However, she tries to contain her attitude when addressing her teammates, as she has the sense to know that alienating them would not be beneficial in the long run.


-Strength: C

-Speed: A

-Stamina: B

-Durability: C

-Intelligence: A

-Aura: S


-Agnes is based on three different figures from Asian mythology. The primary basis is the Vermillion Bird, another of the Four Symbols. The Vermillion Bird is described as being a proud creature that is picky of what it eats and where it perches, which is the inspiration for her personality The other two are Agni, the Hindu god of fire, and Nezha, a Taoist guardian deity. Agni is the basis of her first name.

-"Kravyada" is the name of one of Agni's forms and is invoked to burn flesh. Their two forms, Wind-and-Fire wheels and a whip, are a reference to the weapons used by Nezha.

-The name "Voros" means "red" or "red-haired".