Jason Guan (Guan Qing)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Team JAGR

Weapon: Virtue and Venom. A pair of telescoping swords that can be combined to form a glaive. Virtue forms the head and Venom becomes the butt-spike.

Semblance/Notable Skills: Push. Jason can project his Aura outward as a physical force by compressing and expanding it rapidly. This force can take the form of a powerful shockwave that can knock enemies down or launch them into the air. However, he usually uses it to push against a sturdy object to launch himself through the air. This gives his Semblance both offensive and defensive capabilities.

History: For much of his childhood, Jason lived a relatively unremarkable life in a quiet village located in the lands of Orien, located in the eastern territories of Mistral. The eldest of three siblings, he spent most of his time time helping his mother and grandmother tend to the family's farm and taking care of his brother and sister while his father worked in the city. In his free time, however, he trained relentlessly at the Spring Warrior Training Academy, a volunteer combat school where aspiring Hunters or those who wished to learn to defend themselves came to train on their own schedules. Although his responsibilities at home meant there was little chance of him being able to pursue such a career, Jason dreamed of becoming a Huntsman and learned much about fighting in his hopes to one day atten Haven. However, an incident forced him to leave the country at age 14, leaving his family and home behind.

Not much is known about the three years that passed after Jason left Orien but eventually, he resurfaced in Vale, older, wiser, and seeking admittance to Beacon. After a chance encounter, he was accepted and was assigned to Team JAGR.

Personality: Jason is a bit old-fashioned and doesn't always understand the culture of Vytal, but he is nonetheless a polite and honorable young man. He carries a strong sense of duty and will not hesitate to put himself in harm's way to protect others. However, his worldly-views sometimes rub people the wrong way due to being from a different part of the Remnant.


-Strength: B

-Speed: B

-Stamina: B

-Durability: A

-Intelligence: B

-Aura: C


-Jason is actually the primary protagonist of a fan-fiction that I'm working on.

-Jason is based primarily on the Azure Dragon, one of the Four Symbols from Asian mythology. He is also based on Guan Yu, a hero from Romance of the Three Kingdoms who is worshipped as a war god in some parts of China.

-The word "Qing" means either "blue" or "green" in Chinese.