Ruth Katherine Blackburn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Team JAGR

Weapon: Chimera's Embrace. A large shield lined with a sharp edge that can be used as a cutting weapon. The shield can extend into a greatsword for greater efficiency in melee combat and also splits in half; each half is supported by a mechanical arm that offers a full range of motion. In this form, it can deploy the twin barrels of a built-in heavy machine gun for ranged attacks while the arms of the shield act as a stand and protect Ruth while firing. The top edge of the shield is equipped with small thrusters that allow Ruth to put on short bursts of speed and can also be used to slow her falls.

Semblance/Notable Skills: Ruth's Aura has never shown any signs of manifesting into a Semblance, to the point where she can't even use it to defend herself. She makes up for this with her heavy armor and its personal energy shields. Her cybernetic prosthetics also grant her super-human levels of strength, allowing her to effectively wield her weapon, and are coated with an advanced nano-tech based armor that she can control the appearance and density of.

History: Ruth has lived in Vytal all her life, in the town of Notch. Her childhood took a tragic turn early on when she was the victim of a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. While she was lying in a hospital bed with her future uncertain, her parents were approached by a representative from the Atlesian-based Daedalus Industries with a radical solution; if they allowed their young daughter to be used as the base for their experimental prosthetics system, the company would completely cover all expenses associated with the surgery and maintenance. With few other options, the Blackburns signed the contract and Ruth was flown to Atlas for surgery the next day. When she woke up, she looked down to discover a pair of metal arms and legs attached to her body and various implants keeping her organs running. At first, her body attempted to reject the new additions and it was only after extensive drug therapy that thing settled down.

Over the years, Ruth voluntarily served as the test bed for various technological advancements made by the company. As her body grew, her prosthetics and implants were replaced by newer and better versions that helped her live as close to a normal life as possible, though she still takes medication for the occasional pain. Eventually, she was accepted into Beacon and assigned to Team JAGR with her partner Jason Guan. It seems that for the moment, she has finally overcome the traumas of her childhood.

Personality: In spite of everything that has happened to her, Ruth is still the upbeat and friendly girl that she was before the accident. Although she has a tendency to space out, she is rarely seen without a smile on her face and views her Huntress-training as an opportunity for a grand adventure. She sometimes comes off as a bit loopy due to initial side-effects from her medication but it has never impacted her combat efficiency.

Deep down, however, Ruth carries a strong insecurity over her implants and often wonders if she was only able to get as far as she has because of them. This internal frustration occasionally manifests into violent outbursts and while it has not yet happened around her teammates, Ruth worries about what might happen if she loses control in the middle of a mission.


-Strength: S

-Speed: B

-Stamina: A

-Durability: A

-Intelligence: C

-Aura: E


-Ruth is based on the Black Tortoise, the last of the Four Symbols, and her dual personalities reflect the concept of Yin and Yang. Her last name, Blackburn, literally means "black stream" in Old English.

-Ruth is physically the strongest member of Team JAGR, despite being the smallest.

-Ruth's name serves as a play on words. Ruth means "friend", which reflects her nature. However, she acts like a completely different person when she has an outburst. In this sense, she literally becomes "Ruth-less".