Some things I've noticed in this early version of this site

  • Mods have returned
  • It works great on Mobile devices as well as my pc
  • we can change our own names i wont be doing this but it is a nice feature
  • playlist great idea guys
  • I havn't figured out how but Ive seen a couple of profiles with banners on them
  • we got great group of guys working on this site(we already knew that though)

Now the bad which im sure most of this will be fixed soon

  • Have to login just about every time i change pages
  • Were missing about a months worth of post
  • we can no longer watch/follow journal entries or images
  • just noticed I am missing the ability for spoiler tags and smiles sponsor stuff
  • names are missing from friends list I'm guessing this has something to with the ability to change your own name once a month now