Well, here we are, 196 pages done, a good ways into Part Two, but still nowhere near completion. I did an estimate a while back and, at the current rate I'm doing, this book will be roughly 400 pages should it ever get published. And here's hoping it will.

I'm currently working on The Hostage Sequence which is a huge factor in the second part. Most of the story hinges on how it concludes, and it gets pretty crazy. Let me put it this way: imagine someone has taken Harold and the bank he works at hostage, Faber and Floyd mount a rescue and Cocoa realizes someone else might kill her master before she does. Oh yeah. It's gonna be big.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Character names completely lost to you? Well stick around. I'll be posting all new material introducing you to the characters over the next few weeks. Meet Cocoa for now. Enjoy!

A Cocoa Tale
The Smell of Sulfur in the Morning
"Were his eyelids open, he could see the feline outline watching him."

And check back often! I write a lot, and I'm always looking for mercilous feedback.

Phil. 1:3