Thank you all for joining Z.E.D. (hopefully, once the Beta is over, they'll let me re-name the group. Was supposed to be "Zombie Erradication Department" but as you can tell, i fuck things up....)
Firs things first, i'd like to know what everyone is interested in, or might expect from this group.

Somehow, during my Acronym creation process, i screwed up the "Info" portion of the group creation. I was trying to create P.O.P.C.A.P (Person or Persons Covering a Perimiter) and had several other ideas along the way, which resulted in Z.E.D.

the Part 2: well, i don't remember what it was going to be...but i knew i should stop what i was doing so i didn't use up too much room. I thought "hey, make an entry after you started the group to explain"....and forgot.

Anyway: Questions and comments are welcome. If you're a zombie...raise your hand and someone will be by to help you shortly.