So glad to see 20 members already.

Everyone knows that Groups is still in Beta phase, and while it's sweet with what we have know, the options kind of suck. As of now, I have no admin options or the ability to create multiple admins. Hopefully we'll see the Beta finalized soon and when that happens, I want to give a couple people "the power".

We need several more members before we can have multiple group mods/admins, however I'd like to know who you think should be given this honor. I'm already looking at two other people taking a seat on the same pedestal. Please keep in mind I'm more inclined to give the job to someone who's been on the ME forum often and loyal.

Good note, we are the first and only Mass Effect group. Let's keep it that way by increasing our numbers. Know a ME fan on your friendslist and don't see them on the group roster below? Send them a PM with a link attached. Let us grow and get on the Groups front page!