start convincing (damn my spelling...) your friends to sign up for the group. I want the Paintball group to be a member of the RT United Groups group. Whats you guys take on it? (vote) That, and it would be awesome to get up to bitchin status.
Thats all i got

Oh and say hi to the new admins- mebig0 and pb2xfreak

one more thing, if you have pictures of youself or team you want posted in the pictures sections send em to me or mebig0 and we'll get em put in

Poll closes on February 5th

If you are wondering why tacticalPB 87 was removed as an admin see link-
tactical- now refered to as suzie(deemed so by the military fourm) has been impersonating a SWAT officer and has been called out by the Military fourm and its members. If you have any questions, ask in the link provided above.