It's been over a week since the last journal so let's have a little bit of question and answer, I'll ask the questions and you us the answers.

1. Zombies have risen it's been nearly a week since they rose and civilization is falling. Your been held in your house with zombies in the yard surrounding your home. the lower levels have been fortified but you and your family have been alert and stayed on the uperlevels. A zombie breaks through your barricade and your family has been bitten(all of them). Will you kill them before they become the undead, or will you wait...or will you abandon your shelter because you can't bring yourself to kill your family now zombified.

2. there is a forum for this but heres the question again, what if your ideal zombie wepon, balistics and melee?

3. How well are you secured against the undead right now?

4. Who will you save once they rise?

Other than that I urge all members of this group to get to know the other members and ask them about their ideas on the zombie apocolypse. You never know where you might find a flaw in your plan. And a congratulations on 142 members, this proves were not that crazy. If this many people are here then it has to be true, and coming soon. smiley0.gif

If you have any questions about anything just contact us the administrators