Wow, been a bit, but I guess seeing how I have some time on my hands, I can at least update the News section. For those wondering about the lack of posts from myself, read my profile's journal. The last couple and even my pictures will explain alot.

Great that we have 100+ members. This is freaking awsome. The lack of posting leaves for wanting but I cannot talk whatsoever.

As some lucky fellows might have noticed, I have selected a few as the groups admins. If you feel cheated in this, please let me know so I can put you up for consideration. Please be aware that they were chosen because they were with the Mass Effect forum the longest. Like I said earlier, if you feel cheated, let me know. It would be awsome to get even more to maybe being on the Bitchin' Popular list, but our numbers are always growing, so I can be patient and watch our membership increase.

Even while I am in Iraq I will be logging onto RvB every now and then when work permits. All I can say is the job over there isn't a simple gate guard duty or general grunt work. I'll be extremly busy but they will have computers there.

Take care everybody and I'll be going after some Haji Geth this summer. Wish me luck!