A Mass Effect vidoc releases some details on upcoming DLC, apparantly it will be an 'arena' probably very similar to how the arena in KotOR and Jade Empire works. (meaning loading in and out of a 30-second fight) Casey Hudson says he wanted this to be in the original but there wasn't time, and that it's going to be very 'story-lite'.

So to those who enjoy Mass Effect's combat enough, grand news. To those who value the story content of Mass Effect far higher, then that's too bad.

I personally wont be biting the bait for this DLC unless it has any new game content. (and I don't mean reskins or already existing high-end weapons/armor rewards) Bring Down The Sky at least had a nice sidestory despite shortcomoings of squad interaction. Though this arena could be interesting, it could also just be boring geometry put togethor with some same-old enemies.

But keep high hopes!