Just because Zombies are a huge threat to humanity doesn't mean we can't have some fun with them as well.

So for the entertainment of the zombie addicted/fearing audience I present to you a few short films or trailers you might enjoy if you have problem with these please let me know and I won't do it again but if you enjoy this little journal for entertainment purposes only let me know and I might do a few more later on. So now I present you with the videos and links to them.

Zombies in Plain English
Gay Zombie (SFW)
How-to special FX on the cheap
A Guy's Guide To Zombies
Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 1
Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 2
Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 3

I really hope you enjoy and the laste 3 Danger 50000 Volts Zombies is in fact Nick Frosta nd Simon Pegg Stars of Shaun of the Dead and Yes they're infomation is factural and useable

So Enjoy smiley0.gif