Alright I'm here to update you all on the new zombie news...when suddenly 5 zombies break into your house

2 at your front door and the rest at random windows, you sitting here at your computer, are you ready for these zombies? Whats the closest weapon at hand? What can you grab for the impending escape?

While these thoughts race through your head, your brother/sister/closets living relative shows up haveing been bitten, they have alread turned and they are the closest to you and anyone with you. Can you kill everyone of these zombies, doubt circle through your head. How will you make it out of your house or will you?

Answer that question then think about this

Did you grab your shoes? smiley0.gif

Zombie of the week: Act of God zombie, also known as the unknown origin zombie. These zombie are just wandering around, possibly one if not the most popular zombie in pop culture itself. Pop culture that has featured this type are as follows (Not a complete list just what I remember): George A. Romero's Dead series, Dawn of the Dead (remake), Walking Dead, Living with the Dead and Highschool of the Undead (personal favorite for comic)