As if I'm not already distracted from Cocoa Tales enough by the unrelated screenplay I'm working on and my countless other hobbies (not to mention, you know, my job) I've been toying with a new idea: Cocoa Tales - The Radio Play. Yes, like Star Wars and The Shadow before me I may do a radio play of the book I'm working on. It would be based on the current revision of my book so there would be lots and lots of new material you old-timers who remember the first draft would not have read yet.

Why a radio show, you may ask? Well, aside from the fact that I have no animation skills whatsoever and have not the resources to do a live-action version (and certainly not well), I think audio stories have a certain flair to them, stimulating the imagination in ways visual media don't often do but not taxing our over-stimulated attention-span the way books do. I've always been a fan of old-time radio shows for that very reason and have wanted to do modernized radio storytelling for quite some time now.

This is all highly dependent on several factors (not the least of which my ability to find talented voice actors) and, rest assured, I'll only do it if I can do it well. But who knows: you may be listening to Cocoa Tales next time around.