Okay, I think its time I made something clear to the trollers and other people seeing the incessant need to make stupid comments here. Ok, in case it hasn't sunk in, none of the stuff on here is really all that serious. I made this group because the hype for this stuff got on my nerves. I have nothing personal against Disney, the creators of this franchise, or the actors or actresses involved with it. I created a group just for fun so people who had frustrations about this topic could vent them without being judged for it. However, many of you have seen fit to take this all way to seriously, which has resulted in you making asses of yourselves (whether you were before now, I cannot say)

The point is, I created this with the thought of being humorous and satirical. After all, when people create a group saying how great something is, most of the time no one has a problem with it. Then when I make a group for disliking something, oh then I've gone and done it! I have suddenly have become just some idiot trying to be spiteful and mean. Suddenly I must be reprimanded for such a horrible crime, as must anyone else who agrees with me. After all, as far as I can tell, none of you are actually defending HSM because you like it, you merely see fit to harass anyone and everyone you come across who has any difference of opinion.

You say I am pathetic for creating an anti-HSM group, that it is stupid and immature. Yet you see fit to make post after post making meaningless and stupid comments. Do you honestly have that much free time on your hands? Are you so starved for something to do that this is all you can come up with? Trolling every other group you find? Please explain how this is not considered far more pathetic. I am fully aware that this post will no doubt receive the attention of many of the aforementioned trollers. I am not going to argue with any of you. I am not wasting my time on your frivolous bitching just so you can get your cheap laughs. None of you are funny, you are just sad. I suggest you go and do something that doesn't waste both your time and mine.