Okay here are the ranks and how to get promoted
Counselor- Top of the guild, administrator and moderator.
Arch-Villain- Leader of all peons and lower class villains. Has own thread dedicated to their plans.
Super-Villain- Leader of a large group of henchmen. Has their own thread.
Villain- You have your own group and are on you way up the ladder.
Henchmen #1- Aide to their assigned villain.
Random Henchmen- Random henchman with no particular use except as meat shield.

To receive your first rank you must take the aptitude test or you will be just another henchmen.
You need points to be promoted these are given out by your CO's
There can only be one #1 Henchman which is determined by your assigned villain.

Points are given out when you contribute to the guild in ways of Images and Posts to better the guild, and most importantly Recruiting new members.

Random Henchmen can only be promoted by their leader
Henchmen #1 can be promoted by SV's AV's and Counselors need 100 points for promotion.
Villains can only be promoted by Counselors and AV's need 500 points to be promoted.
Super Villain can only be promoted by Counselors and need 1000 points
Arch-Villains can only be promoted by a majority of Counselors vote to be promoted.

Points can be taken away by admins if we feel it is necessary.