First off it has come to my attention that there is a thread in the forums for how to create a zombie apocolypse. I will formally ask you to stop this here because as we all know this group was made to stop the undead invasion. That is the furthest I will speak o that matter. now for something new.

Alright now before our new situation I would like to congratulate teh group in it's entirety we have 334 members as of today. Good job group. The more of us the less of them.

Alright, you have been traveling for 5 days your tired hungry and low on ammunition. On top of all of these things your have sprained your ankle. you have 2 other people in your group and you know you can trust them. On has medical experience, little but still some. They have bandaged your ankle and now are heading into a small town in search of food. Because of your lack of mobility you will be on guard duty. They go in in search of food and ammunition but find that the small wooden general stor in that town is filled with 20 undead. Half older adults 4 children and 6 young adults. They need to move fast and you are hindering them, but you are also the best shot so they carry you. Just as you are about to leave the town you realize you are surrounded. But not all hope is lost a slightly taller than average building is near with as luck would have it a ladder. you and your group climb the ladder then pull it up. you stay a day and their numbers only grow, but only slightly. you have restocked on ammunition and food after what little rest you get you need to move. How do you get out?

Supplies: canned food(6 cans), lighters(1), cloth (1), alcohol (2 bottles), ammunition (enough to kille maybe 30 but not to kill them all) ladder, space blanket
Weapons: (all interchangeable) 1 shotgun (full size 9 shells) 2 hand guns (2 clips), knifes (Bowie one fore each) and an assault rifle (1 clip)

Zombie Spotlight: Biogenetic zombie, the zombie created by man. Damn that scientist! But the only way to kill it is the usual destroy the brain. But beware this zombie can break the rules of sciene some how and movie it's body even if it isn't connected to it. So burn the sucker til it is nothing but bones, then snap them. Examples: Return of the living Dead series and The Re-Animator (personal favorite)

Enjoy The Zombies: Summertime