Hello everyone, NJ_Devils here. So how is everyone doing? Well it doesn't matter because that's not subject related. But, here is why you are here.

As some of you guys may know, next Friday (June 19th) is Geoff's birthday. He is turning 34... well that's according to his profile, don't let his amazing looks fool you because he's really in his 50's. User Cheese has the idea to give Geoff a little bit of a laugh. We hope that as many of you guys and gals as possible will print out the Geoff mask which you can find here, put it on your face and take a picture and then post it as their avatar on his birthday.

If our numbers are good enough and the plan works (We'll call it "Plan G"), Geoff will be so overwhelmed when he sees hundreds of people wearing his picture on Roosterteeth. He will then realize how much everyone loves him. I hope that all of you can find it in your heart to do this.

Thank you! smiley12.gif