Hello, I am proud to present to the members of DFU a new breakthrough that will surely change the face of this Clan in an entirely positive way. As of Monday, June 22nd, we will be a multi-platform clan. Now this may shock many people, but this has been in consideration for a long time within the sanctums of the leaders of DFU (Damn, that sounded pretty good). Coming Monday, three new branches will be added to the community. One will be the Xbox branch, another the PlayStation branch, and lastly a Halo branch. Some may be wondering what the need is for one game to have it's own site. The reason is that at heart we are a Halo clan, we started as one, and this whole time we have been running solely on Halo. That is the reason it deserves it's very own website.

One concern is what will become of this website, the one you are on right now. The answer is simple, it will be bigger and better than ever. With so many branches, it would be nearly impossible to keep all sides updated. That is why this will become the DFU Community Site, the "mother-site" if you wish. Here you will find the Weekly Ramblings (New feature to be discussed later), Member of the Week, Allies, General Forums, ad much more that will enhance our community.

Well thats about all, come tomorrow the three new sites will be up and congregated with this and a new era of DFU will begin.