It saddens me to have to do this but I have to run through some basic knowledge of zombies. The reason is that a few posts in the last journal as well as in the forums people don't seem to know basics of zombies. So I will run through some very large basics then a brand new scenario.

1. 28 day/weeks Later, does not use zombies. They are people infected with the Rage virus. Which is just a steroid version of rabies.

2. Zombies don't need blood. In fact it doesn't flow at all after death. THe solunm virus rewires the body so it runs on basically nothing.

3. As stated previously oxygen like blood is not needed. So zombies can in fact walk across the ocean floor. Pressure however does affect the undead body. Don't expect the zombie to explode like a person would if brought to the surface of water quickly, because the lack of blood flow will make sure any and all nitrogen in the body to really go nowhere.

4. Food is not needed, but they do eat you and that won't stop. Food is a basic drive and the only thing they know. However they will not starve, it has been seen that zombies without stomachs or even any lower halfs will continue to eat.

5. Fear is something the zombie doesn't have. The basic instinct to eat is really all they have. No fear, with no pain. Understand that if you couldn't feel pain you wouldn't really care either. The virus cares to only reproduce not stay alive itself.

5. Destroy the brain. It is the only way to stop the zombie once and for all. Chopping the head off will stop the body but not the head. Burning the body is the only true way to make sure it will no longer be a problem anymore.

6. The virus is not airborn, water born or even food born. The only way to get it is by direct contact with a zombie, such as a bite or blood transfusion. Sex will not cause a transformation unless you have a wound on your sexual organ and they have such a wound as well. THere are no such thing as cross breeding zombies.

7. The solunm virus doesn't transfer to animals, though they will die after being bitten.

8. No chance of survival after being bitten. Unless you imediatly chop off the infected area, but that is a very large longshot.

9. No thought process. They have no real thought process, no planning and think tank. They just come at you in endless numbers. So use what they want to eat and you can live.

10. They can't see in the dark but they sure as hell can hear and smell you. It is thought they have night vision or even that they are as blind as bats in the night well they are as much as you. But teh yrely on all there senses equally, people do not they rely on their eyes so you need to understand they can hear just as good as they see and smell. So shut up!

11. Eating the flesh of the infected will not make you a zombie, unless you have open sores or wounds in your mouth. But it will kill you.

Now before a new scenario. A pretty good plan to the last one. Gather all your supplies and load your guns full. Take the ladder you have and as I said it was a small town so the buildings are close together (read between lines) and use that to slowly make you way across the city. If the zombies have seen you, they most likely did, make sure they stay to one side of the building by haveing amember of your group distract them to a specific side while the otehr two ready to move gather whatever you can into the space blanket and have it be able to make noise like filled with some pots adn pans then move that member of your group and put the space blanket creation in there place and have it make a racket and throw it away from your building and when the Z' move to get to it, because they can't see it's not alive but it did make noise. While they are preoccupied run. Now I'm not stupid a fe zombies are on your side so dispatch them quietly and run. Now without losing people but a few supplies.

Alright now a new scenario for you.

Your sitting outside of a rather large city you have a shotgun with 9 shells and 2 pistols with 3, 18 bullet clips. You also have a shovel made of wood and steel. you have a chose of going throught the city it would be a 2 hour walk and a one hour constant run. Or you can go around a days walk. Here's the catch you missing your right hand. (Sorry not as long as usual and I'll fix that next time)