Alright before anything else here is my take on the scenario.

Alright first off, I'd go around. That just is the safest way period. And missing a hand is only a slight problem, some said ditch the shovel and to that I say enjoy death. That shovel is your very last line of defense. Enough time has past that I am use to not having a hand, wether it be from birth or lost a week ago, I've learned how to cope. You can cock a shotgun with one hand wether it be pump action or latch. And aiming we could all take a lesson from Alucard of Hellsing, use your forearm. I might have lived barring extreme zombie population. But the shovel is very important to you, you can dig out a trench or even a foxhole, but I would stay away from that option, a random roamer could fall in and then your in a small hole with a zombie.

Alright now to new business. I would like whatever artists in this group to submit zombie art to the group via forumn I will make. I cannot offer any amazing grand prize, just that your art will be used as a primary for the group for a time and your named submitted to the journals as artist who do astounding work. People will vote on who has the best work. So submit and let people enjoy your art...While they can!

Alright you are in a group of 5. The group consists of an ex-military sniper with sniper rifle he is in his mid twenties and is fairly mentally balanced, a farmer who watched his entire livestock and wife be torn to pieces he is in his early sixties. A young man in his early twenties and his girlfriend ruffly the same age, who ran away from there small town after all their friends and family were eaten. And you, and I don't care if you think your an amzing sniper or any of that based on Halo, unless you have had real experience in anything likethat don't claim o be better. You have a machete and a colt revolver and a pouch full of ammunition about 200 total rounds. You have all found refuge in an abandoned prison. You have known each other for about a week and understand that you have to trust each other to survive. You have all been through very traumatic things and none of you have family and friends left, as well as being sleep deprived. The prison consists of a well mounted steel chinlink fence lined at the top with barbwire then a small space inbetween a second wall of solid concrete about 20 feet high. The prison itself is concrete with steel bars on the windows, it is 4 stories tall and filled with riot gear as well as weapons. The prison has all the modern conveniences including library and generator as well as guard towers. What do you do? Do you stay at the base and tried to live or do you use the equipment and make a last ditch to the wastelands? If you choose to stay what is the first thing you do?

Good luck.