The easiest way to break into the culture without looking like a total fool (hopefully)!

Do you ever wonder what you would look like if you wore black from head to toe? Ever feel the need to wear an inordinate amount of leather? Do you feel that you're being misunderstood by your peers, family, and dog? Maybe being Goth is the right path for you.

It's easy being Goth. You just need time, effort, and some really cool tattoo sleeves (optional). You never know, you may find a Goth date. Or, if anything, you'll get a really high score in the 'How Goth Are You' Quiz and you can show that you're not a poser at all to your Facebook friends. Ready? Well, follow these steps:

1. Dress the Part


Make sure to wear black, of course, and preferably match the black with another depressing color -- like gray. But like in the fashion world, it's all about the accessories, so replace your boring belt buckles with something cool: like a mean looking bat-like creature with red eyes. Be amazed when people stare at you and your pretty cool belt buckle.

2. Don't Forget the Hair


Buy gel and use it (a lot). In fact, after buying a new bottle of gel and you have some left over after you style your hair, you must be doing something wrong. All the gel must be gone after each use. Take the example above. Notice the one-sided bang. If that's not hot to you, you must not be truly Goth. Go check out How To Be Emo, where you belong.

3. Employ a Friend


There's nothing less cool than having a loner Goth. Actually, it is cool to be a loner Goth, but it's no fun when you're alone, especially when no one's there to witness your cool hair, leather straps, and super dark eyeliner!

4. Hit the Goth Clubs


Don't be afraid to walk up to the other Goths in the club, and definitely don't be afraid to drink your favorite adult beverage -- even if it is colorful. Remember, being Goth is about individuality, and if you can't drink a Cosmopolitan, what's the point?

If you do everything right, you may turn into a true Goth and get some real tattoos. Just don't cry when you get them because that's for the Emos: