Season 3: Episode 04: The Pirate Solution


Koothrappali reveals to the guys that he will soon be deported since the university will no longer fund his research and he is here on a work visa. Wolowitz, devastated by the news, tries to find Koothrappali a new job. Koothrappali 's interview is initally going well until he is introduced to his new team member, a beautiful female scientist. He then takes a couple of shots of sherry to loosen himself up and ends up hitting on the beutiful scientist and blowing the interview. Sheldon comes up with the idea that Koothrappali can come work for him. At first, Koothrappali prefers deportation but soon reconsiders. When Koothrappali begins to question Sheldon's research methods, Sheldon fires him just as Koothrappali quits.