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Season 3: Episode 05: The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary


Koothrappali wants Sheldon to be his partner in a card tournament because Sheldon can count cards. Koothrappali hears that Wil Wheaton will be in tournament and is very excited while Sheldon is not. He tells Koothrappali a sad story of how when he was young he made his way a long distance to meet Wil Wheaton and Wil did not show up to the event which devastated Sheldon and made him forever hate Wil Wheaton. Sheldon meets up with Wil Wheaton in the finals. Wil is not understanding why Sheldon hates him and Sheldon finally tells him his sad story. Wil tells Sheldon that was the year his grandmother died and Sheldon has sympathy for this and begins to tell Wil how he understands and how much he loves his “Mee Maw†too. Sheldon begins to feel bad for Wil and ends up throwing the match and letting Wil win only to find out Will made up the whole grandmother story.

Wolowitz reminds Leonard of a pact they once made that if any of them every managed to get a hot girlfriend they need to have the hot girlfriend hook up the guys with her hot friends. Penny who reluctantly agrees and they are going to have a double date. The date is going horrible until the girl makes a comment of how awful her mother is. They start to tell “mommy dearest†stories and find themselves bonding over their mutual hatred for their mothers.

Season 3: Episode 06: The Cornhusker Vortex


Penny is having a football watching party and initially does not invite Leonard. Leonard thinks its less about his lack of football knowledge and more about Penny being embarrased to introduce him to her friends. Penny reassures Leonard that is not the case and invites him to watch next week's game with her friends. We find out that Sheldon is a football savant and knows everything about the game. Leonard enlists his help and asks Sheldon to come to the party to feed him football facts in order to impress Penny and her friends. It back fires on Leonard when Sheldon takes over as the hit of the party.

Season 3: Episode 07: The Guitarist Amplification


Penny and Leonard have a huge fight after Penny tells him that a male musician friend of hers, who she dated for a short time, is coming to stay with her while he is in town. Leonard is enormously bothered by this and can’t understand why Penny thinks it is fine. They begin to argue and we find out that Sheldon cannot take hearing people argue. Apparently Sheldon heard his parents argue all the time and it traumatized him. Koothrappali and Wolowitz then take sides and begin to argue about who is right in the fight between Penny and Leonard. Sheldon can’t handle anymore fighting so he takes refuge in the comic book store where Penny and Leonard have to convince him that they are done fighting in order to get Sheldon to come home.

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