Well ladies, I'm pretty sure we all saw this one coming. We made our nominations and u dicks casted ur votes for the manliest man in the video game world, and guess who won......... Gordon "I'll beat ur bitch ass to death with this here crowbar" Freeman!! That's who! Just look at this mother fucker.. go on.. look at him, in all his pimpness half-life_ii,_gordon_freeman_is_back!.jp U know damn well u wouldn't fuck with him. Even the bitch behind him knows her place. She's all, "C'mon Freeman, with ur pimp ass. We need ur crowbar weilding epicness!" And he's all like, "Shut ur hole bitch, I'm posing for this screen cap. Don't make me have to crowbar a bitch!" See, we all got a zombie plan, or an alien plan, but they all involve grabbing a shotgun and heading to Alaska. But only one mother fucker would grab a crowbar and go to town.... and that's this badass.. gordon3.jpg What an epic pimp smiley13.gif