it's been a while. This is your Jackie. Sup.

Remember how I used to do cartoon/series weekends every weekend? heh.. yeah.. those were funtimes. I'm not doing that anymore, put those sad hopes away.

HOWEVER... I've mentioned this here and there around this place lately.. I'm going to try to start doing ONE weekend of streaming a series per month. This will typically be around the last weekend of the month, and if you have suggestions for what you want to see.. post it here.

We're starting this weekend. And NO, you do not get a vote on this weekend, as it's already been decided. To prepare for the upcoming new season, we're going to catch up on previous episodes of Dexter:


That's right... seasons 1, 2, 3 [i hate season 3], and the FANTASTIC season 4.. starting right here tomorrow. And by right here, I mean my own channel.. Do you know where that is? I hope so. If not, give a shout.

This will be starting just after 4pm [EST] Saturday [hey, some of us work on the weekend, yo].. and go until we run out of episodes.

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