The Project is still in the works, this is a preview and a thank you to those who contributed.

Fred stood on the bridge of the "Heavy Penance" with the command crew as the ship navigated slipspace on its way to Reach. He walked over to an open station and pulled up a passenger list. The ship held a standard crew for a UNSC Cruiser plus the extra Freelancers onboard for the security detail. Most of them were in their personal quarters or in the gym. There were Agents Austin, Frisco, and Rhode Island working in the armory. Agents Utah, Connecticut, Indiana, and Idaho were all in their quarters. Yopie was in the gym. Tenn was on the bridge with him looking over data and reports coming from Reach.
Georgia didn't quite understand why they needed such a large security detail for a relatively simple cargo pickup, even if the cargo was precious or top secret but orders were orders. And that's how Georgia found himself leading a glorified delivery run from HQ to Reach and back.

It was August 24th, the ship was still a few days away from their destination and Georgia was itching to get back. After Sigma Octanus was won by the UNSC, the Covenant had gotten ballsy. More and more freelancers had been sent out to recon and investigate recent Covenant activity looking for a weakness or a small base of operations. He knew that picking up these new armor parts and upgrades would benefit Project Freelancer but it seemed odd to send a Cruiser to do the work of a freighter. Georgia passed it off as paranoia on the part of command and left it at that.

Georgia turned away from the observation window and walked over to Tennessee. "You almost finished up? The wait is killing me."

"Yeah, nothing new from Reach." Tenn said. "We might be linking up with a few other when we get there though."

"I hadn't heard that... Oh well, we'll figure that out later. We still got a few days." Geo said with a heavy sigh, he'd been up for the past 50 hours bored out of his mind but unable to sleep.

"Still can't sleep? You've got a problem man..."

"I'll be fine. The only thing I haven't tried yet is getting blackout drunk, and even getting knocked unconscious for a few minutes sounds enticing."

Tenn frowned at that. "Probably not the best way to try sleeping."

Geo shrugged, he was probably right but at this point it was either the cryotube or alcohol. Since both choices involved lapses of time and drinking something that he would later throw up, Geo chose the option that wouldn't freeze his ass off.
"Well Tenn, if I'm still passed out cold 24 hours from now, get the charcoal."

"Famous last words?" Tenn said with a grin.

"...Shut up." Carrying a handle of whiskey to his room.

Wanted to throw this up there as a thank you for everyone who contributed their characters and a show of faith that this project is indeed still in the works. If you guys want your characters in the story, then I need personality traits or how they act. Basic information makes a basic character. Thanks to all who provided full Bios for your characters, you will be in future chapters. This one is just a preview.

We're all waiting patiently for Reach (some less patiently than others) and it's going to be huge when it hits. Hope this helps with the wait time. smiley0.gif