G_Touchdown scrapped up all his manly know how and selected the most manly movie character that ever fucked your mom behind your back!

James "I'll shoot you dead and knock up your wife" Bond!!

this man is so charismatic that he can make your girl orgasm by looking at them...but he prefers to knock them up first because one person not letting this man get his rocks off is just rude.


lets not forget the actor who play james bond including the greatest Scottish actor Sean Connery.
See those women? thats every woman you hold dear to you...and if you are a woman....thats you.

Got a problem with this win? THEN FUCK YOU YOU PANSY!!!
your just jealous that james bond gets more bitches than the one rappers claim to have.

james bond.... The man who invented "Bow Chicka Bow Wow"

anyway G_touchdown won this month. which means you have 3 day to select a new category in the comments below.