I completely missed our second anniversary, November 14th. Can you believe it? The group's grown up so fast!

Eh, can you blame me? I've been busy lately, whether it's school work or video games. Speaking of which, we should get on Reach to celebrate! Sometime next week? I'll be on break and despite working 40+ hours I'll be on XBL at SOME point. What works best for everybody?

Also, thanks to halosace for the heads up, there's a trailer up for the Clone Wars episode featuring Delta. Unfortunately, there's no new footage of them and this leads me to believe that may be the only time they appear. Not sure when the episode itself airs, all I can see are screening events in January. Anybody got a date?

Alright, that's all I've got for now.

P.S. We passed the 450 members mark. KANDOSII!