First I will apologize for the time span it took to do this again. Life got in the way but I have ended that life just for you fine people. And by that of course I am a loser who has nothing better to do than drink with my parents since I can't get a real job. So I'm back here to give you a few new situations. But there will be a new little change to the format. As opposed to putting new scenarios here on RvB I have made a little blog for something to do since life continues to elude me. So if you want to follow these scenarios or just annoy me constantly feel free to enjoy the blog. Also I have a few Videos ideas that will come with it. But back to what you all wanted me to do. Let's finish this series or at least this scenario, it's been over a year. Again apologies.

Alright firstly make sure the area is cleared out quickly but safely. Clear the prison by sector and lock up areas that have yet to be cleared. From there set up a watch system with time shifts. Set the military sniper at a post where he can see the general area. From this point we clear out all of the rest of the prison using the riot gear to keep all of our survivors safe. From there once we are "safe" set up some type of group therapy for the group to keep from mental break down. I would make sure that the famer is also mentally stable and make sure he understands that life is still worth living and that we are all in need of his help and that he shouldn't give up on life just yet, he is absolutely essential for firsthand experience with working with agriculture. From there we make sure the prison is secure and in good repair. We stick to the shift and make round around the clear area between fence and wall, with ladders setup on the walls just in case the fence breaks. From here we clear out the zombies on the fence daily to keep their numbers down and to keep the image of an abandoned prison up as much as possible. Once we are all set up for safety wise we will establish a more secure system of government to keep democracy and group moral high. WE have to set up some type of agricultural study as well as practice for food sake. From here we can set up possible scouting missions to search for other survivors as well as goods, weapons and tools that will make life easier. From here we slowly take back the world. If at all possible.

To me the only necessary people to make use of were the former sniper because of his military experience and the farmer for their experience that can help keep the group alive. The other 2 can be useful but more in more guards more guns sense than in practical life skills.

But do try to keep in mind that more people means more hands to use but also more mouths to feed. Smaller groups are much more manageable than giant groups that can't work well together.

So I hope to see you on the Undeaducation blog. Where I will update weekly, with videos updates new scenarios and anything else I feel like putting up.