...but Sidequest continues! Tonight after the pool (nearly typed poop. Very different) party, there will be a Sidequest after party at Kung Fu Saloon on the corner of 5th&Rio Grande. Sorry under 21ers, they check id at the door. I promise we have heard you and will plan events for the under 21 crowd in the future.

Tomorrow, we will be eating at Salt Lick at 1pm. You will need to drive/hitch a ride out there. If you are flying out before 5pm, it'll be tough to join us, eat, get back, and get to the airport in time. But you can at least get Salt Lick at the airport!

Tomorrow night we are also going to one final dinner at TnT. 9pm is when we will all get together to say one more goodbye :(

Don't fret though! Sidequest WILL return in 2012! But for now I hope to see a lot of you tonight and tomorrow!

PS: if you or someone you know has Sidequest pictures, please send an email to our address rtxsidequest@thetexbot.com

PPS: a recap post of yesterday will be going up tomorrow. In case you were curious about the results of ctf, and the bar crawl