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You may also download the full itinerary from here (PDF version here)


Thursday May 26th
Thursday After Hours

Friday May 27th
Friday After Hours *NOTE: These events are now on SATURDAY night*

Saturday May 28th
Saturday After Hours *NOTE: These events are now on FRIDAY night*

Sunday May 29th
Sunday After Hours

Monday May 30th

Sidequest Sightseeing

Download a zip file of all the menus here!

What: A five-day blitz through the cuisine scene in Austin during RTX!

Why: For every community member looking to hang out and celebrate some of Austin's delicious, hearty food and culture. It doesn't matter if you've never been to Austin before or didn't get in to Rooster Texas, this is about having fun and is open to all community members. If you participate, you'll be entitled to an exclusive bonus item!

Where: The best of the best of the best Austin smorgasbords and sights! Watch this group for updates!