If that title hasn't got you hooked already, then maybe the rest of details should get you interested.

As you should know, Achievement Hunter will be celebrating it's 3rd anniversary on July 28th, and we have a metric fuck tonne of events planned to mark the occassion. Details of it all will be revealed within the coming weeks, but why wait? To get the party started, there's going to be the Anniversary Mega Challenge running throughout July. You'll get a chance to show off your achievement earning skills by trying to earn more Gamerscore than the other community members, as well as some of the Achievement Hunter staff.

The Challenge begins at 9 AM BST (GMT +1) on July 1st, when sign ups will be closed, and will run for the whole month. The winner will be the individual that earns the most Gamerscore in that time, and will be awarded huge bragging rights. To sign up, leave your Gamertag in the comments of this group news entry.

Good luck!