Things sure have been quiet in the last month, haven't they?


PrimeQuest is almost here!

Count3D and I are hosting a SideQuest party on Sunday night of PAX Prime weekend! If you're at PAX, or just in the Seattle area, come and hang out/drink with us, other buddies from RTX, and maybe make new friends! Interested? Want to go? Want more details? Email or Direct Message us on Twitter!

Why are we asking you to do this? First off, we want to be sure we can get in touch with you more directly for future developments. Secondly, we have a neat little invitation that we want to send out to everyone! We aren't going to do anything stupid like turn people away for not having invitations. Its just something fun we thought we would do.

And remember, if you didn't get a SideQuest sticker at RTX, I'll have about 100 or so to give out at PAX! Track me down and take a few!

Once PAX winds down, we're going to go back into hiding for a bit to work on some super awesome stuff that I promise you'll see soon. In the meantime, let us know if you have anything you'd like to see from us. We're actively planning for the next RTX (whenever that is) and always open to suggestions!

Oh yeah, do us a favor and "Like" us on Facebook. We'll totally be best friends :)