On behalf of Grady and myself, thank you for attending our meetups for PrimeQuest!

You made the weekend a righteous success! We're going to strive to put on a bigger show at the next Penny Arcade Expo. Post your pictures/videos from PrimeQuest here for us!


smiley9.gifRTX date is GO!
July 7th-8th, 2012. Save the weekend! No word on when tickets will go on sale yet, but I have a good hunch they'll at least fly the same day as last year, April 1st, if not sooner than that. I'd look for them somewhere between January and March.

smiley9.gifwww.rtsidequest.com is GO!
Our website is up!!!!! Right now you can check out the most comprehensive list of RT-reccomended Austin eateries out there. Thank you MildGrooveOn for helping us put this together!