Hello again everyone!

After talking it over with Dom, we decided the best way to celebrate passing 300 members is to share some details about our SUPER AWESOME PLAN TO HAVE A SUPER AWESOME TIME AT BUFFALO BILLIARDS

Those of you who came out to the RTX SideQuest 2011 "after hours" events will remember Buffalo Billiards as a big bar with tons of games (pool, air hockey, shuffleboard, darts, etc) that we used as our meeting point after the bar crawl. Everyone seemed to really dig it, and the staff there really liked having us. So what're we going to do this year?

Here's what we're planning: We want to reserve "The Lodge" of Buffalo Billiards and have a mixer one night of RTX 2012. We're going to get together some prizes and such for a raffle and silent auction and sell tickets and then donate all our proceeds to Child's Play. The Lodge has a bunch of pool tables, two shuffleboard tables, two dartboards, and a stage where we can set up Rock Band or something of the sort. Oh. And a bar. A bar that will be private. Just for SideQuest. How about THAT?

We're working on securing reservations and things, so nothing is set in stone, but that's what we're planning for (likely) either Friday or Saturday night. Tickets won't be expensive, but we want to be sure we don't go over capacity and we want to be able to make a nice donation to Child's Play, so we're probably looking at the $10-20 range. We may have food if the price is right.

So what do you all think? Drinks, games and community in the heart of Austin. Plus we're helping an awesome cause like Child's Play! That's what SideQuest is all about!

Oh, and just so you have something nice to look at...


Sound off in the comments with what you think of this plan and what you'd like to see SideQuest do at RTX 2012!