Hobos and Cookies. A perfect match! Let's take a closer look.

No one really knows what goes on at the Girl Scouts' secret brainwashing and scrapbooking facility. I'm sure it's dastardly, though.

Guilt. Making you buy cookies since [insert date here].

Originally, I was going to make Barbie doll-esque versions of Gus and Burnie and have Joel playing with those. But I figured since the cardboard cutouts of the guys have been popping up in the background for a while, this should bet here chance to shine. Still, the overall idea of Joel playing with them is pretty funny to me, and I very much like how this short segment came out.

Not knowing what the old office really looked like made it a challenge to do this part. I knew they were talking about the office they had downtown, but I wondered if I could cheat a little and get away with using their current office instead. But I figured out a way to convey it and I think it worked.

Ever since Gus' run-in as a child with the machete-wielding maniac, it only makes sense that he has a weapon to defend himself with on his person at all times.