...to tell you guys to cut it out with the "Kevin sent me" comments.

Today, Michael Meets a Drug Dealer.

I knew from the start how I wanted Kevin to look. He had to be a shady character, and act like he did drugs. The hood helped with the former, and his little ticks (such as scratching his cheek) helped with the latter.

I couldn't think of a third kind of drug that Kevin would just have in his pocket, so why not just a bag that says ILLEGAL DRUGS on it?

Legitimate business.

Snuck in the "No Oldies" bit to make it seem a little more like a commercial. Drug dealers should advertise on TV.

Kevin's card was modeled after the real Kevin's business card. It was written on a Lowell Hotel card, which I think belonged to the concierge at the hotel. Anyway, for a second I thought I could put Kevin's real number on there, but 555-GET-DRUG is funnier than (Not putting it here either.)