So recently I was contacted by a member of the group asking if I would do a post about a film they are a part of and I was more than happy to!


And he told me about a film he is a part of. I'm not fully aware of the role he is going to play whether it is a random zombie or one of the survivors. But I love the option to tell people about zombie movies, especially indie zombie movies. I'm not fully aware of the plot but yet again it's just an option to see people work on something like a film being made by fans not just people out to make a quick buck...Zack Snyder. But enough of my intolerance towards people who make fake movies, my opinion.

I wanted to lead you find survivors and the few entrails towards something that could be really cool! So I wanted to link you to the site of the "company" making the film "Contagious".


Under the Zombie tab you can see their filming schedule as well as what I assume to be zombie make up test shots which compared to some movies I've seen are freaking amazing and on an indie level they are Stellar! macwulf has told me the film will be available on DVD as well as on YouTube. So I'm imploring you please check these guys out! I'm hoping for some really awesome things!

And I want to say anyone out there working on a zombie based project please feel free to message me and I will plug you in a post. I love Zombie based media especially movies or videos so please send submission!