First off, old business:

Robert Pattinson is the biggest, most useless douche-nozzle in Hollywood. There, I said it. Bieber doesn't count, soley because this contest was for men and I'm still not entirely convinced that he even has a penis. Seriously though, let's break this down. Look at this fucker:

I mean, come on! You know he was voted one of the sexiest men in the world?! Really?! The world?! Like the whole world, the same one we live in, where I keep all my stuff. Who the fuck came up with that? And why?! He doesn't do anything worth a shit. He's an actor that makes shit movies! Hello, that's his fucking job, and not one of them is even watchable on heroine! So then what the fuck is he good for? Apparently he couldn't sling it well enough to keep this expressionless cunt in check:

So what the fuck is the appeal? Jesus people, you wanna see a crooked-nosed man look sexy? Here:

That's what it's supposed to look like! This:

Not this:

Y'all fucking get my frustration? Good. Now on to new business:

This was our last official contest post for "The Fucking Man" of the Month. I'm officially retiring that segment as of today. It had a great two-year run, but had become way too high matinence for our Admins to keep it up like we should. Besides, I've been threatening to revamp this group for a long while. Now seems as good of time as ever. Now, being our flagship contest, I'm not totally doing away with "The Fucking Man", just changing the concept. I wanted to give it it's own discussion thread that could be visited, posted in and updated at any time; making it far more interactive and a lot less time consuming. This will be the first of many changes I have in mind, bringing us back to the days of ranting threads and debates that any member can get involved in, for any reason, at any time. Plus, after a couple other Admins I've booted out, we were left with a bunch of useless, shitty threads and a lot of cleaning up to do. So if any of you have any thoughts or suggestions for the new Group of Manliness, now's the time to voice them. Cause this group used to be the place where men could go to be men and have their voices heard, and dammit, I intend to get it there again! So stay tuned smiley13.gif