As promised, here is the most zealous recruiting message I could find. Posted by FatGreekBoy

"Show Gus your eternal love and he shall return it tenfold! Join our ranks, and together we will spread the word of Gus! We must stand together for him to notice us! Thus releasing us from the shackles of this broken world!
We have all felt the pain of podcasts run without Gus, and we all can see who is clearly the messiah of masculinity! Naysayers will ask questions, like "Does he even lift?" and to them we respond with "Do you even Zerg?" Gus is, has been, and always will be the truth among lies, the light among darkness, and the logic among stupidity!

Join the cult now, and show the world that you appreciate The Great Gus! Our only defense against the enemy known only as "Gavino."