So this week in Achievement Hunter Angels we will be doing our first game night in Minecraft! This Thursday at 8:00PM CST!! Please make sure that you check our forums for further instructions if you want to be part of this. (Sorry guys this one will be a ladies only but there will be a gents and ladies in the future)

Also look forward to our YouTube channel to being launched soon! EEEEE!!!! Content is currently being recorded and edited as we speak. This means that soon videos should be uploaded. Exciting news will be announced as well so please keep your eyes pealed to both journals, our News page and Twitter!

Please check out our fellow Ladies of Rooster Teeth group and support them as well! They are a fantastic group and have some awesome ladies that not only admin the group but they also have some great game nights for XBox, PS3 and PC!!

Make sure that you follow us on Twitter Achievement Hunter Angels

See you out there!
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