Hello to all our newest members!! Thank you for joining us! I hope you have enjoyed everything you have seen so far. Please make sure, if you haven't yet, to introduce yourself in our forums and join in on any of our chats we have going on.

This week we don't have too much going on but we do have a couple of announcements that will be coming out later this week. So make sure that you keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter account and your Journal feeds!

We are also in the process of figuring our next game night. So please make sure that you stop over to the Game Night forum to weigh in on what time works best for you. Currently our Game Nights are hosted on the Xbox system but it sounds like we have some request for PC based games as well. This request has not gone unheard ladies!

AND!!! There is a new video out on YouTube! A new "I Haven't Played" by Michelle has been uploaded. So make sure you go check that out as well!

I also want to note that we do have an email address for any questions you might have. You can always email us at achievementhunterangels@gmail.com It is a mouthful, I know.

See you in the game!
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