First off, huge shout-out and thank you to roguewing10, coradarcy, and lunakat504 who were our server goddesses at last night's AH Angels game night in Minecraft PC! We had an absolute blast playing, exploring, redecorating, and otherwise faffing about in your servers. Thank you to everyone who joined!

Our next game night is on Thursday, August 15th at 8:30 pm CST. We'll be playing Minecraft on Xbox 360 and we hope to see you ladies there! (Sorry guys, ladies only for this one) Watch the Game Night thread for more information.

Starting Friday, August 16th, AH Angels Kariann and Michelle will be doing an Achievement Race in Crackdown. The first Angel to hit 1000 gamerscore (or the one with the most by the end of a month) will be declared the winner! We will be posting daily updates on the Angels' twitter and the group news. Follow us for updates and to cheer the Angels on! If you want to help the Angels with co-op achievements, be sure to download Crackdown, free for Xbox Live Gold members until the 15th, and add ChickTasticGRR (Kariann) and Chompers13 (Michelle) on Xbox Live!

In addition to these events, we'll be adding some great new videos for you to enjoy. On Tuesday, we will be releasing I Haven't Played...Flock! Michelle is currently taking suggestions for games you'd like to see her play. Post your suggestions in the Suggestions thread.

Subscribe to the AH Angels' Youtube channel to watch I Haven't Played...Flock and all of our other upcoming releases. Speaking of, the AH Angels will be debuting a brand new series the week of August 19th. You won't want to miss this one!

Have something you'd like to contribute to the group? The Angels are still looking for new members. If you'd like to record your own original content or work behind the scenes to create images, animations, scripts, etc for the Angels, please send an email expressing your interest to

Last but certainly not least, we are a mere 5 members away from 100! Once we hit 100, we will be planning an extra special game night! Invite your friends!

See you in game!
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