im kinda feeling guilty over not keeping up with this and i'm deeply sorry in doing so. i have gotten extremely lazy in the past few months and i haven't kept up with anything, not even community videos.
i cant even do playdates/game night type of things cause of college work and cause i don't have XBL anymore.

but hopefully there is change on the horizon.

Jamilio (you may known him as a RvBUK dude), is trying to organize a massive effort into trying to get this splintered community back together, i advise you all watch him and join the RvBUK group as well. the reason for this is because we are going to merge (in a sense) the two groups together, the pages will stay the same for now.

in fact, Jamilio has made a forum for us UK hunters for providing requesting, video making tutorials, video promotion and overall, another form of UK hunter gathering. here is the LINK to that.

thanks for sticking by for so long guys i really appreciate it!
(i would write some philosophical quote about how change is coming but its too early for that)