We're starting to try to regulate our news posts from now on once again.
So starting from now we're going to do a main news update each Thursday.

So without further ado:

There is no latecomers podcast this week... We've had scheduling issues and ended up just skipping this week, sorry.

However you can still hear a couple of the groups beautiful voices. Check out the Titleless Podcast were this week they invited Nic and Becka to help entertain the masses. A direct link to the podcast here www.djpod.com/titlelesspodcast/episode-13-zool

Also we can announce the winners, yes winnerS, of our podcast into competition. We have both the musical intro submitted by @Ashto and a surprise animated intro submitted by @NickGolden so thanks to you guys for your awesome work. And congratulations.

Game Night:
In case you didn't know our game nights are run every other week. So no super happy fun times this Saturday. However log into Rooster Speak's teamspeak server next Saturday at 10pm GMT (6pm EST) and join us for some Happy Wars on Xbox 360 (It's a free game)

(You also may want to update/pre-download the game before we come to game night.)

A big shout out to @DRheadshot who has taken his time to make us an awesome website. Find it here latecomerspodacst.weebly.com/

This site lays out an easy way to navigate through Latecomers material, podcast on the front page, with polls and THE LINKYDIDDLYDOO simply laid out. There are also links to the other places you can find us on the web.

So give your thanks to headshot and hopefully it will help you guys out.

(Also it's his birthday. So Happy Birthday sir)

Apologies for the boring wall of text. I'm too lazy to find GIFs. Coloured headers is all I can muster up. (This is why I shouldn't do news posts.)