There wasn't a news update last week so this one's going to be a bit long! Let's condense this as much as we can, shall we?


One Life to Play - Mega Man 2 - Part 2 & Part 3

As stated in the descriptions, these are the last episodes of One Life to Play, but never fear! Both they and Gabe shall be back in different formats. Stay tuned... ;)

I Haven't Played... Captain Toad & Borderlands

What I'm Playing Wednesdays - January 28th & February 4th

Minecraft How To - Build a Dome & Intermediate Circuits

Diversifized - Korra Part 4 & WET

Game Night - January 25th & February 1st

YCMOA - Part 17

Game Nights/Livestreams:

This Saturday, February 14th at 5 PM CST we'll be playing GTA V on Xbox 360! Message gamertag Lady Odd Duck to join the fun!

This Sunday, February 15th at 12 PM CST we'll be playing GTA V on PS3! Message TheWordShaker on PSN to join!

Be Our Valentine!:

There's just a few days left to claim a special Valentine from us! Want one? Donate $5 or more to any of our Extra Life members by February 14th and we'll send one to you!

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